About Exergio Monitoring

What it is?

Exergio Monitoring is the toolset for active monitoring of any building systems and devices. It is using open protocol technology like BacNET, ModBus to get data from existing building devices and create a log that saves all the data in certain time periods.

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Exergio Monitoring

Main Features

  • Flexible system for data logging and filtering by date, building, parameter.
  • KPI dashboard to know exactly what is happening in the building real time;
  • Triggering and alerting to know what could be changed or optimised.

Exergio target is to make system monitoring delivers value for a client. It means that raw data has to be aggregated, visualised and triggered when there are real faults in the system and actions has to be taken.

Exergio Monitoring How to

  • Deciding on which building systems and devices should be monitored;
  • Installing data readers and loggers;
  • Getting all the date from specific building systems and devices in certain time periods;
  • Creating individual dashboard and KPI’s for active building monitoring;
  • Creating individual triggers and alerts.

Mastering building data

Exergio analytics platform delivers fault and efficiency insights of the systems. It helps building engineers to manage buildings much easier.

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