Exergio analytics add-on

Exergio analytics/advisory with embedded algorithms manages 24/7 tests of overall system operation:

  • Special algorithms/bot’s are analyzing all building data and compare it with best possible operating scenario;
  • Exergio analytics module is uploaded with various different operation algorithms as a best practice gathered from our more than 10-year experience in building operation;
  • Best operating scenario is constantly recalculated taking into account weather conditions, changes of settings for related equipment, user habits and requirements etc. ;
  • Algorithms are handling benchmarking.
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Exergio advisory add-on functionality

With Exergio analytics/advisory you are getting

  • Platform performs system 24/7 performance selftests
  • List of self-test triggers/insights displayed.
  • Insights can be filtered by type, status, responsible.
  • Usual types of insights: Mechanical errors, Comfort status, Energy efficiency, Setting changes or critical failures

Exergio advisory add-on functionality

With Exergio analytics/advisory you are getting

  • Overview of most important building KPI’s.
  • Actions done for energy saving or correction of malfunctionings
  • History of building performance in a flexible report

Exergio analytics add-on functionality

With Exergio analytics/advisory you are getting

  • Flexible data analysis
  • Various filtering options
  • One window benchmarking

How to on-board Exergio advisory add-on

Option 1: Building is already equipped with BACS system. Exergio advisory is added to your system as additional module add-on module. CTA

  1. Checking if BACS is operating using open protocol technology: BacNET, ModBus, Lonworks etc.
  2. Exergio Data acquisition wizard is installed
  3. Data points mapping is configured
  4. Analytics module and dashboards are selected.

Option 2:   Building has no BACS or existing BACS has to be retrofitted. Exergio make consultancies delivering best approach scenarios. Also Exergio control can be implemented CTA 

Mastering building data

Exergio analytics platform delivers fault and efficiency insights of the systems. It helps building engineers to manage buildings much easier.

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