Exergio is a project that emerged from lengthy experience in building maintenance. We constantly receive many questions from building managers and one of the most pressing is how to make a building more energy efficient and more economical without investing a lot of capital. We have been following the market developments for a long time, from mechanically controlled building systems to the first autonomous BMS systems. Many building managers are convinced that by using quality materials during renovation or construction, installing a building management system, and meeting other criteria in various sustainability certifications, maximum energy efficiency is achieved. But this is not the case.

Every building is like a living organism that responds to various environmental changes and factors, and without building data collection and analytics, it is impossible to guarantee the optimal functioning of even the most sophisticated building systems. This is why we have developed the Exergio system, which can help to save up to 20% of energy resources in any type of building, without significant capital investment or staff training. Exergio is an artificial intelligence that analyses building data and makes decisions that will help you save money, increase the value of your building, ensure comfort, and contribute to stopping climate change.