Exergio monitoring, Exergio Control, Exergio analytics platform and EPCS (Energy Performance Contracting Services). The project has been divided into stages. The first stage included the monitoring of the energy and indoor temperature with more than 2000 devices connected to the Exergio monitoring system. The next stage involved the implementation of the BMS system for refurbished shops. Additionally, the Exergio control system with Exergio analytics and Apec EPC services have been implemented.

Step by step approach

“Palink” retail network in Lithuania was bought by Rewe group in 2019 because the investments were necessary for better sustainability. Their first step was to establish the energy management system of 200 shops in all countries. Palink is an operator of a retail chain. Moreover, they own or rent buildings, where other small shops or service companies can be located in the same building. So the company has more than 200 tenants, who have to pay for electricity and water consumption on their premises. Also, Palink wanted to have submetering in their own premises to control and benchmark their own consumption dividing it into 4 groups: tenants, ventilation, lighting, and technological cooling.

With the help of the Exergio monitoring system, billing for tenants has become much easier and saved a lot of time for energy management.

Moreover, the company had a KPI of consumption of each system per square meter. Having an hourly-based energy consumption, these targets were divided into working and non-working hours. Thus, the Exergio energy management system can easily show options for improvement. For example, the Exergio analytics calculates and reports where the lighting or ventilation system does not operate efficiently and it is clear what corrective actions have to be taken.

A remote control can be implemented easily

The next step was to implement a remote control system for AHU, Heat control station, Air conditioners, Air curtains and Lighting system.

The Exergio control made it possible to implement a remote control for equipment of different manufacturers. More than 20 different types and manufacturers of devices were connected to a single remote control system.

For example, light control of the outside lighting in the Exergio Control system is not only controlled by the schedule, but also by the natural settings, such as sunset and sunrise. This does not only reduce the energy costs but also save maintenance costs due to the fact that there is no need to adjust the schedules manually.


Reduced energy management and time costs for tenant billing. Implemented remote control system and energy costs reduced by 5%.



Service delivery period


Company profile

Palink is a retail chain, owned by Rewe group. It has over 200 shops operating in Lithuania and abroad.


– On the first stage – reduce energy management time costs and indicate energy waste;
– On the second stage – improve building controls to reduce maintenance costs and improve energy efficiency.