Exergio analytics platform and EPCS (Energy Performance Contracting Services).

BMS is not enough

Swedbank is all about sustainability and constant improvement. Their technical department was looking forward to improving efficiency, which could reflect the latest trends in the market. Even though it seemed that all measures to save energy through control performance had already been taken, they needed a deeper analysis of their building performance.

The Exergio analytics add-on was implemented to analyze and perform self-tests of the existing BMS systems. The analytics tool helped to indicate additional performance for the building optimization. Also, with the help of the system, some discrepancies of algorithms were indicated, which could not have been seen by only supervising the building BMS manually. The Exergio algorithms performed sensor tests and benchmarking, which indicated that some CO2 sensors had to be calibrated. The high ventilation intensity and higher energy consumption had also been noticed.

Data-driven solutions

For some optimization improvement options, customers needed more data that had been archived with the Exergio help. Energy-saving insights calculated by the platform have been discussed and based on the actual data information, the most suitable decisions for the optimization have been taken.

What is more, the Exergio system indicates any comfort changes in all buildings 24/7. Thus, any experiment made for parameter changing is secure. It means that energy-saving actions are not affecting any building comfort requirements. However, in case they do arise – the system indicates it and corrective actions can be taken without wasting any time.

All setting changes are analyzed and reasons for setting changes are described in the platform reports. As a result, the control and energy-saving initiatives are clear and traceable. This could not be delivered by a stand-alone BMS system.


17% in electricity savings and 12% in heating savings



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Swedbank headquarters building.


Increase building sustainability and energy efficiency through improved building controls.