Exergio analytics platform. “Mano būstas” connected over 2000 house heating station controllers to the Exergio system.

Fault detection for the big scale of the building

“Mano būstas” delivers heat station maintenance to more than 2000 buildings. According to the requirements, it is necessary to test the heat stations 4 times a month. This means that technicians have to visit each heat station once a week. Using a remote monitoring system and online algorithms for fault detection, the company was able to perform tests 24/7. Resultantly, the company can ensure that all sensors, valves, and other devices that control the heat station are working properly.

Professional maintenance results in higher energy efficiency

Not only do the timely fault detections result in better energy saving, but the heat station parameters can also improve consumption results.

With the help of Exergio analytics, remote control parameter settings are adjusted according to the additional outside weather conditions. For example, if the days are sunny, the heat curves are reduced. On the contrary, during the windy winter days, the curves are increased to keep comfort conditions.

In some buildings, Lora wireless sensors have been implemented. In this case, the Exergio system can control the heat station parameters according to the room temperature values. This does not only help to provide better building control, but also provide data-driven solutions for building heat balancing system adjustments. All in all, it gives more than 15% of energy-saving results without making huge investments into building insulation.


The efficiency and cost-saving of maintenance operations improved by 20%. In addition, the company gained a competitive advantage in the maintenance market.


Mano Būstas

Service delivery period


Company profile

“Mano Būstas” is the biggest Lithuanian building maintenance company.


– Improve building maintenance services by delivering extra value through intelligent building control;
– Reduce CO2 emission in maintained buildings;
– Increase the efficiency of engineers supervising the buildings.