City service engineering uses the Exergio intelligent platform as a tool to increase the efficiency of maintenance services.

Market trends for intelligent services

The maintenance market is shifting to more intelligent services. Reactive and planned maintenance services are still the key roles of the maintenance companies. Due to the constantly increasing prices of energy, clients require higher awareness of energy-saving solutions. They entrust maintenance companies to control their energy usage and provide the best energy-saving solutions.

“We had to find a solution to improve our building control services. The Exergio platform was the tool we were looking for“ – says Tomas Sujeta, CEO of the City Service Engineering.

Analytics platform can reduce costs and increase efficiency

BMS supervision is very important for the overall performance of the building. Therefore, if it is done manually, not all malfunctioning or insights on energy saving can be spotted on time. In addition, manual supervision of BMS systems takes a lot of time for analysis, and different engineers may have different knowledge and choose a different approach. Hence, it is very useful when all the analysis is done automatically by algorithms. It saves more than 50% of the usual working time. Therefore, the time saved for analysis can be used for better performance and corrective actions. What is more, a single engineer can operate more buildings and even provide better control quality.

Flexibility is a key

The Exergio platform has been chosen because of its flexibility. Any other specialized BMS software had no decent flexibility for adjusting system self-test algorithms, reporting or triggers.

Usually, buildings already have different BMS systems implemented. However, any changes in additional performance checks on the exact BMS system are usually impossible or require additional programming from the manufacturer’s side, which is usually an expensive case.

When using Exergio, there is no need for complicated programming. All adjustments can be done in-house, so the system support is very easy and cost-efficient. In addition, any reports can be easily adjusted to our client’s needs.

“It is possible to implement the analytics platform to any existing BMS system, which has open protocol communication and it is very useful for our business” – says Tomas Sujeta.


Efficiency and cost-saving of maintenance operations improved by 20%. In addition, the company gained a competitive advantage in the maintenance market.


City service engineering

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Company profile

City service engineering is the biggest commercial building maintenance company in Lithuania, specializing in energy consulting and integration of energy-saving solutions in buildings. In total, they maintain more than 2 mln. m2.


– Improve building maintenance services by delivering extra value through intelligent building control;
– Reduce CO2 emission in maintained buildings;
– Increase the efficiency of engineers supervising the buildings.